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1.3 Registration/Paper submission

For all participants including speakers, please register first.

Click Here for registration

A mail form will appear. Please fill out your name, affiliation, and status(Regular/Student). If you submit a paper, please also describe topics (shown in the abstract[*]), title, and author list

Before submission, you have to register the title and author information to the committee. The deadline of the registration is August 15. The registration form and contact address will be available soon. The technical program will be notified on August 18. Prepare your camera-ready without waiting for this notification, and submit it no later than August 22.

1.3.1 Paper style

1.3.2 Submission site

Go to the submission site.

1.3.3 Submission guide

  1. Prepare your PDF file ready, then access the Submission page.
  2. Firstly register your account. Click the statement: ``First submission or want to register your interest? Sign up for an account.'' Then you have User Account Setup page.
  3. Fill out all mandatory fields in this page.
  4. Fill your e-mail address (reachable one, of course) into `UserName' field.
  5. Press `submit.' If all mandatory items are correct, the system will soon approve your registration. Username and password are informed by an email which you have registered. Then go back to the Submission page.

  6. Fill your UserName and password into the fields, and click `submit.'

  7. You can see `View Papers' page. Before submission, please change your password via `Change Password' menu tab.

  8. Please click `Add a paper ?' link, or `Add New Paper' tab in the top menu. Nextly you see `Upload Paper' page. Fill out all mandatory fields.
    1. If you have plural authors, put the number of authors in the box, and click `Update Authors' button. Then `Author Information' fields are extended.
    2. Please rename your PDF file with ASCII characters before uploading.
    3. To upload your PDF file, click ``Choose File'' button. (if you use your localized browser, the label of the button will be shown with your own language) Choose your PDF file by using the file selector.
    4. Select one of Track, and Topics. (mandatory) Finally click `submit' button.
    It may takes a couple of minutes to complete file transmission at worst. Do not click elsewhere before completion.

  9. If you see `Successful Uploading...'' message, click ``View your new paper at View Paper Details page'' or `View Papers' tab to confirm whether your uploaded file is normally uploaded. Click ``View'' for browsing.

  10. If you want to change PDF, click ``Edit'' item in ``View Paper Details'' page. You can easily replace PDF using ``Choose File'' button.

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