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2nd TU/KMU Symposium on Engineering Education (2nd TKSEE)

Tokushima University, Tokushima, September 22-23, 2008


Center for Innovation and Creativity Development (Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokushima) and Innovation Center for Engineering Education (Korea Maritime University) have made an agreement on international cooperation of engineering education. Many educational and research exchanges for professors and students of both universities have been done. The first symposium; International Exchange Symposium on Engineering Education between Tokushima University and Korea Maritime University, was held in Busan, Korea, 2006. We are glad to announce you that the second symposium, 2nd TKSEE will be held in Tokushima, Japan. The authors are encouraged to submit a paper on the following topics; engineering education, creativity development, capstone design, project activities by students, faculty developments, JABEE/ABEEK, university life, common topics in both universities.

Sponsored by:
Center for Innovation and Creativity Development (Fac. of Eng., The University of Tokushima)
In cooperation with:
Japanese Society for Engineering Education (JSEE)

Contact address: tksee08 @